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Yarns and Yarns

 September 14

Are you a knitter or textile based craftsperson?

MUN Folklore, Union House Arts, and Heritage NL are hosting a Yarns and Yarns event, to help preserve and share knitting and other textile knowledge and memories.

We invite crafters of all ages to come together for an afternoon of crafting and storytelling followed by a mug up with tea/coffee and snacks. Bring your knitting or crocheting to swap techniques or show
off your work!

“We are interested in hearing stories about how you learned to knit, what materials you use, and why you continue to craft today,” says Terra Barrett, ICH Researcher with Heritage NL. “Often textile crafts
are not formally recognized and this project aims to change that. So come out and share your story!”

Yarns and Yarns is a project to recognize, record, and celebrate the importance of knitting and crafting to Newfoundland and Labrador. The main objective of Yarns and Yarns is to combine traditional knitting and crafting knowledge with social participation through a series of ten Yarns and Yarns mug ups or workshops. These mug ups will combine a knitting circle with story telling for community members, where people gather, have a cup of tea, enjoy healthy snacks, and share memories.

Yarns and Yarns is happening the same time as Maker’s Nights! As usual feel free to bring projects that you’re working on (they don’t have to be knitting related!)

Times and Locations

September 14, 2023

7:00 pm

Union House Arts