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Our Programming Committee generally meets once a month, or as needed. The committee oversees open calls for Exhibitions and our Artist in Residence program, review applications, and plan for future programming or projects that don’t involve our regular artist programming. Some committee members also help with grant writing throughout the year. The committee consists of staff, board members, and external volunteers from across the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

To sign up for our Programming Committee please click “Sign Up for Programming.” Please note that this committee has limited spots, if the programming committee is full you will be put on a wait list and notified when a spot opens up.


Our Fundraising Committee meets once a month, or as needed. They oversee the planning, creation, and implementation of fundraising events for UHA, with the main objective of raising funds to help future programming, building maintenance, artist fees, and staff wages. This committee is open to anyone and everyone who wants to be involved! We would especially love more volunteers from the Bonavista Peninsula to help with events, but welcome all who are interested from across the province.

This is a very involved committee with regular commitments, meetings, and responsibilities. If you are interested in joining our Fundraising team, please click “Sign Up for Fundraising”


The Anti-Oppression Committee is dedicated to fostering accessibility, accountability, diversity, and openness for UHA as an organization, for membership, and community. As a committee we are dedicated to creating action towards decreasing the effects of oppression within systematic racism, ableism, xenophobia, zionism, islamophobia, colonialism, capitalism, homophobia, heterosexism, and others that will be defined over the course of public and private meetings. This committee will serve as a means to cultivate resilience, common space, safety, and to move beyond inclusion and towards security and equity for all.

The Anti-Oppression Committee will be made up of a maximum of 8 members, with 4 slots held for off-board, community volunteers. Union House Arts highly encourages community members with backgrounds and experience in policy and social justice to step forward. For those who are unable to partake as a committee member, we will be hosting regular, online, public meetings to ensure transparency and engagement with our community. Volunteers will receive a free UHA membership for the year and support from the UHA team for future grant writing endeavours, projects, and ideas.

To find out more about our Anti-Oppression Committee and how you can get involved, click “Get Involved in Anti-Oppression.”

For additional questions or inquiries about our Committees, please email us at