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Annual General Meeting 2020-2021

2020-2021 AGM Minutes and Materials

May 8, 2021 at 2:00 pm (NDT)

VIA Zoom

Directors Present: Mike Flaherty, Emily Jan, John Weber, Stephanie Lipp (Recorder)

Staff Present: Jane Walker

Members Present: Anastasia Tiller, Andrew Testa, Barbara Houston, Jane Tucker, K. Claire MacDonald, Michelle MacKinnon, Rachel Webb Jekanowski, Ruth Weller-Malchow, Shawn O’Hagan, Susan Furneaux

  1. Call to Order 

With a quorum present (10 + 5 board members), the Meeting was called to Order at 2:04pm.

  1. Welcome and Land Acknowledgment   

John made welcome remarks, housekeeping notes and Land Acknowledgement.

  1. Respectful Behaviour at UHA

John reviewed the Respectful Behaviour guidelines shared with all attendees in advance of the meeting

  1. Adoption of Agenda

There was a call for any additions to the agenda to be discussed in section.

There was a motion to adopt the agenda.

Motion:   Michael Flaherty Second:  Emily Jan

  1. Introduction of Board Members

The board members introduced themselves.

  1. Chair of the Board Report

John presented the Chair’s Report  (below)

  1. Treasurer’s Report/Finance Committee 

Mike presented the Treasurer’s Report (below)

Report covers first partial fiscal year of August 28, 2020 until March 31, 2021

Mike presented the Balance Sheet and Budget

  1. Presentation of 2020/2021 Programming

Jane presented the 2020/2021 Programming (click here to view slideshow) 

  1. Approval of By-laws

There was a motion to adopt the UHA Constitution and By-laws.

Motion:  Emily Jan Second:  Barbara Houston

  1. Varia – Floor Open
  • There were no additional comments or questions
  1. Closing Remarks
  2.  Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 2:50pm

Chair of the Board Report

Union House Arts Annual General Meeting

May 8, 2021

Some 2020 highlights include:

A proper send-off to pre-pandemic times, our Preservers Dinner Fundraiser on February 29, 2020 was a grand success. This beautiful sold-out dinner was prepared by Chef Ross Larkin, Chef Celeste Mah, and their kitchen team from Raymonds Restaurant, served on pottery made for the event by ceramic artists Maaike Charron, Jason Holley, and Michael Flaherty. We absolutely loved this event and hope to make it an annual fundraiser when it is safe to gather around the dinner table. 

Collaborating with Grenfell Campus, Memorial University to deliver an Experiential Learning course for visual arts students Kayla George (Carbonear, NL) and Rebecca Feaver (McCallum, NL). Kayla and Rebecca participated in the course via distance in May and June with our Director, Jane Walker, and Professor Ingrid Mary Percy. Kayla and Rebecca then spent the month of September at UHA working on their courses, visiting local artists’ studios, and getting to know our region. During times when online learning has been less than perfect, we were so happy to facilitate a safe and experiential learning opportunity. 

Our 2020 community exhibition, “Stay Home Year” brought together over 40 artworks from makers all over the peninsula on display from November 14 to December 6. We also hosted 6 local makers at our socially-distanced festive shopping day on December 5. Thanks to all contributors and visitors!

In August 2020 we officially incorporated as an independent arts organization, Union House Arts Inc. We are grateful to the Coaker Foundation who has served as our parent organization from 2016-2020 as we gathered resources and support. Incorporating allows us to access funding specifically for arts organizations and have more control over our finances and governance. With that said, your Friends of UHA membership has been converted to a full-voting membership and today is our first official AGM as an independent organization. 

Our Artist-in-Residence program will move forward this year with artists who are based in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

We received funding from ArtsNL’s Community Arts Program to facilitate a series of workshops in conjunction with the artists-in-residence program.

Jane Walker and members of the Board of Directors attended Indigenous Cultural Diversity Training in October 2020. This full day training was provided by First Light.

We received emergency funds from the NL Government for $5000 and an operations and a programming grant from the Cultural Economic Development Program (CEDP) for $5000. 

John Weber

Chair of the Board of Directors

Union House Arts, Inc.