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Noémie Pomerleau-Cloutier

2023 Artists in Residence

August 18 - September 8


Noémie Pomerleau-Cloutier is originally from the North Shore region of Quebec province and
lives in Montreal. She is a poet, a literacy facilitator, a cultural mediator, and an embroiderer. A
feminist and socially engaged citizen, she is actively involved in projects that promote access to
education at all ages and that aim to make poetry more democratic. She published two poetry
books in French with La Peuplade, Brasser le varech (2017) and La patience du lichen (2021),
short-listed for Montreal’s Great Book Prize and winner of CALQ’s 2021 Award for best work by
a new or next generation artist in Montreal. The first describes a personal grief story using
Quebec’s North Shore botanical vocabulary, the latter explores the link between intimate and
geographical territories on Quebec’s Lower North Shore. She is interested in vulnerability. She
currently explores different types of grief experienced by women and non-binary people and the
links between writing and embroidery.

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