Birthday Parties

Parties at Union House Arts are perfect for your child to express themself and celebrate their special day!

Union House Arts offers a variety of options to make your child’s birthday the best it can be! Whether your child likes painting, sculpting, or dressing up, we have the party plan for you! Each of our party options is jam-packed with fun activities carefully tailored to be perfect for children of all ages.

Choose Your Party Type

Acrylic Canvas Painting

This party option would give guests the opportunity to learn how to paint on canvas using acrylic paint!  If your child enjoys painting vibrant images, this option is the one for you.  Acrylic paint is perfect for creating bold colourful works and the techniques are fun and easy to learn.  So if your child loves to paint, and wants to paint like a pro, Union House Arts will provide a fantastic experience for your child’s birthday!

*We recommend this option for older children with art experience because acrylic paint is permanent and can stain clothing.

Watercolour Painting

This party option will teach children techniques on watercolour paper and is perfect for children who love to paint.  Watercolours are the perfect medium to use to make elegant and delicate pictures.  Watercolour is also perfect for young children because it allows them to experiment with colour while also being easy to clean up.  If your child loves to paint beautiful pictures, or just likes having fun playing with colour with friends, this is the party for you!

Mask Making

This option would consist of having party guests paint, bejewel, or colour premade, paper mâché masks however they wish.  If your child has an interest in fashion, theatre or dress-up, this is the choice for you!  Whether you think of the classic happy and sad masks affiliated with theatre, or the flamboyant half-masks worn at the celebrations of Mardi-Gras, you can see the connections between visual and performing arts.  So if your child loves dressing up and expressing themself through performance, we highly recommend Union House Arts’ mask making party!

Clay Sculpture

This option will allow your child and their guests to mold and play with air-dry clay.  Air dry clay is easy to use and perfect for kids.  Unlike with playdough, they won’t have to worry about their creation crumbling if they leave it to dry.  If your child has an interest in sculpting, wants to bring their ideas to life, or even just likes getting messy, this party is a great option for you!

*Sculptures will not be dry by the end of the party and will need to be arranged to be picked up at a later date.

Choose Your Party Package

Basic Party Package

This package is more cost-effective and allows for your child to have more liberties when deciding how to decorate and what to serve at their party. With this package, you will be responsible for providing decorations and preparing your own food for your child’s party. Union House Arts is equipped with a full kitchen where you will be able to cook whatever your child wishes to serve.

Premium Party Package

This package includes decorations and is fully catered by the Seaport Inn (tentatively). Just give us your theme and your catering preferences and everything will be prepared by the staff of Union House Arts. Then, all you have to do is show up!